Winsterfest  7

A small friendly festival in the Peak District. 

Remember camping is free and included for 3 nights/3 days with a ticket!!!

Due to space I have to impose the following request:
For 1 person - tent size must be 2 man tent maximum!
For 2 people - tent size must be 3/4 man tent maximum!
For 3 people - tent size must be 4/5 man tent maximum!
For 4 people - tent size must be 6 man tent maximum!
For 5/6 people - tent size must be maximum 8 man tent!
Motorhomes, caravans and campervans must have a minimum of 2 people!

Anyone wishing to camp on Thursday night or stay Monday night the cost is only £5 per person/pn. extra. You are welcome to stay until Monday morning.

Campstoves and small bbq's can be used, sorry no fires!

Cars can be taken on site to drop off gear but must be removed and put onto car parking area. Motorcycles can be kept near tents . 

Caravans and camper vans welcome ..small awnings due to space. 

Food will also be available on site .Free Tea and coffee will be available 24 hours from control tent (bring a mug lol).

You are welcome to bring your own  food and drink but this can only be consumed on the campsite and not in the marquee.

Thankyou x

If you do not wish to camp there are plenty of hotels around the area;
The postcode for the venue is DE4 2PH if you are looking nearby.

More information on the area can be easily found on google.