Winsterfest  9

A small friendly festival in the Peak District. 

Winsterfest 9 – May 2020 – Programme.
6.30pm until 8.00pm - Tick Tick Boom
8.30pm until 10.00pm - Burnt Out Wreck
10.30pm until Midnight - Floyd in the Flesh
2pm until 3.30pm - Junction Classic Rock
4pm until 5,30pm - Shef Leppard
6.30 pm until 8pm - Motley Crude
8.30pm until 10pm - Surreal Panther
10.30pm until Midnight - Dc Done Dc
2pm unti 3.30pm - Hammered
4pm until 5.30m - Seventh Son
6.30pm until 8pm - Slade UK
8.30pm until 10pm - Are You Experienced
10.30pm until Midnight - A Foreigners Journey